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Services Financiers 1er Choix
Delivery everywhere in Quebec!
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We are the auto financing specialists!

Services Financiers 1er Choix brings together auto financing and credit restoration specialists who have been working in the industry for several years.

By choosing us, you are choosing to give yourself another chance. Everyone is entitled to it.

We are affiliated with the largest banking institutions in Canada such as Scotiabank, Avantage Concessionnaire Scotia, Axis Auto Finance, BMO, Carfinco, Caisses Desjardins, CIBC, TD Auto Finance, IA Finance, Accès Crédit, National Bank of Canada and Royal Bank from Canada.

Were you unlucky? Have you had bad experiences? We understand. That's why Services Financiers 1er Choix says you deserve another chance.

You will leave with a recent vehicle and normal monthly payments like Mr. and Mrs. Everybody. Above all, you will have a game plan in hand so that you can gain the trust of financial institutions and thus hope for future opportunities.

Services Financiers 1er Choix is more than a car loan. Start your project now by submitting your credit application request. You are entitled to this chance.

We are affiliated with the largest financial institutions in Canada.

Our team works in partnership with the largest banks and financial institutions in Quebec and Canada. We can get the best auto loan solutions at the best rates.

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